Visual Dream !!
Visual Dream !!
Artist Brandy +
Notecharter Mgame +
ID 170
Alternate name Flag of the People's Republic of China 梦的预见
Genre Rock
Level 4 / 9 / 16
Note count 407 / 696 / 1219
List icon
140.00 +
List icon
2:25 +
Variants Visual Dream !!
Visual Dream II ~in Fiction~
169 Stay
170 Visual Dream !!
171 Waiting 4 Luv Full Version
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Visual Dream
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Composition/Vocals: Brandy

Visual Dream !! is a Pop Rock in O2Jam.

It is included in Recollection, O2Jam's 2nd medley song.


Korean lyricsEdit

잃었던 내 자신과 꿈을 찾기위한 노래
감춰둔 이상속에 나를 부르는 멜로디 불리줘

I need you, I love you
닫혀진 너를 품에 안고서
이제껏 느끼지 못한 널

You're in my heart

깊어진 내 맘속의 아픔들 술 취해 가려진
환상의 Fiction

모두 잃어버린 내 꿈들을 일으켜줘


ireotteon nae jasingwa kkumeul
chatkkiwihan norae
gamchwodun isangsoge nareul ppureun mellodi bullijwo

I need you, I love you
datyeojin neoreul pume angoseo
ijekkeot neukkiji motan neol

You're in my heart

gipeojin nae mamsogul apeumdeul ssul chwi hae garyeojin
hwansangui Fiction

modu ireobeorin nae kkumdeureul

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