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[edit]Template documentation


  • 1 / asdasd - The filename of the audio file (without the Image: prefix)
    • Defaults to the first audio sample associated with the article (not working!)
  • 2 / identity part II - The title to name the file. Defaults to the page name.
  • 3 / 90% - The size of the audio file. Use any unit of measurement (preferably MB; e.g. "1.45 MB")
  • asd - Where to place the file
  • asd - Custom styles to apply to the box.

Help with playingEdit

  • You can press the download link to download the file. (This only works if you have no codecs for the file format.)
    • To force download, simply right-click the download link and click "Save as". The button text may vary with your browser.
  • You can press the play button to play the file via the Java-based JOrbis player. You must have Java installed in order for it to work.
  • [Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)]: Visit commons:Project:Media help for additional downloads (such as codecs) that may help play the file.
    • If you installed a codec, then simply click on the download link to play the file.
  • For Windows, you may download DirectShow filters for Ogg Vorbis and Theora at After installation, Windows Media Player (if present) should be able to play the file.
  • [MP3]: If you have QuickTime installed, then it would play the MP3 file.
  • Additional instructions may also be found at wikipedia:Project:Media help (Ogg).

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