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Techno is a form of electronic dance music originally developed in Detroit, Michigan, USA during the mid to late 1980s under heavy influence of American funk and European avantgarde electronic music and synthpop.

O2Jam techno songsEdit

 ArtistNotecharterIDLevel EXLevel NXLevel HXBPMDuration
10%PoryPory239152428130123 s
%5PoryDiox119151515121130 s
%E - XT O2 HDMIXPoryPory518192531130120 s
[SHD]%5PoryParagon367151522121130 s
%qwPoryCreent934102030140162 s
%qw(3M)PoryTY Brave93518126140133 s
-1AmuseworldNF-Special210591113086 s
0x1311Nao.paradigmNoteFactory28691525130121 s
200GigsATMixDJ PotatoeNoteFactory32741014114128 s
45000 BitesEpilogueFalk62491824140133 s
A Beautiful DayBeautifulDayNoteFactory30631118140157 s
A Trip to HeavenJinivFalk66381521140178 s
AndromedaNao.paradigmNoteFactory42031520147127 s
AstralDM AshuraFalk59481930135291 s
AstronomasS2TB RecordingRock.o2SE44981621145144 s
Black WaterPoryNoteFactory31291420160148 s
Canon (O2 Version)+Dr.FlowershirtsNF-Special1103813162111 s
Check It out - ReMIXDr.FlowershirtsNF-Special161389125107 s
Chromatic BlitzHelix EternalFalk66761730190118 s
Cold ScreamPoryNoteFactory2321917160153 s
Cosmic RaysThe Red RebelFalk63561730144143 s
Cross Time !!BrandyMgame26671726160153 s
CrowdpleaserSGXFalk44671620120157 s
Crystal EyeStudio DomaStudio Doma73441627135145 s
DX05Nao.paradigmNao.paradigm12527916584 s
Dark NightmareCreent
TY Brave932141924175123 s
Dark Nightmare(3M)Creent
TY Brave93381218175123 s
Death MoonShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun42851629160163 s
Death Moon 2Shin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun736131928150176 s
Death Moon 2 (Clean Version)Shin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun754151927150176 s
DesireS2TB RecordingSirius.o2SE4504919173130 s
Don't MovinNao.paradigmNao.paradigm12426912580 s
Drum N BassDr.FlowershirtsShin Hyun Keun12388918297 s
Drum N Bass Step-MixDr.FlowershirtsNoteFactory1583121418298 s
ESPERE (O2 Short Version)LENG
Falk66481526140149 s
Electro Paradigm(3M)Studio DomaTY Brave9176912140125 s
Electro8DJ PotatoeNoteFactory3285613144156 s
Empty DreamBombsSirius.o2SE46241219132150 s
EscapePoryPory127359133101 s
1884121614698 s
Field of DreamsS2TB RecordingEverfree.o2SE66071924140185 s
Future ShockStudio DomaSRS(●)8065816128121 s
Future Shock(3M)Studio DomaSRS(●)809268128121 s
GO!DM AshuraSpam48561520154162 s
GargoyleSanxion7Spam43191523150155 s
GirlBaek Jae SungNoteFactory34721215140121 s
HighRed PulseNoteFactory39331015129.87131 s
High EnergyMgameRaven152471015096 s
Hungarian Dance 1Sirius.o2SESirius.o2SE65351528150115 s
Hyper Speed Carol MixShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun36451320155161 s
I'd Rather DanceKelly ChenNavaRE45251319140135 s
IdentityShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun36131734155124 s
Identity part IIShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun50631634150166 s
SHD Identity part IIIShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun707183039150128 s
Identity part IIIShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun61471824150128 s
If It Was A DreamCosmic AllyNoteFactory33821218136157 s
Jinglebell MegamixNao.paradigmNao.paradigm1322716180144 s
LUV mu RevolutionRYORYO627162131150151 s
LightER-5Studio Doma7383815140145 s
Love & Extasy(O2 Ver.)Baby V.O.X.SRS(●)31025127 s
MaranataE.BE.B135379172100 s
Mega TrancerPoryPory1372611143122 s
MemoryerBrandySRS(●)8434914148131 s
MonochromeImpact LineImpact Line26141122160103 s
Monster ExpressBeautifulDayNoteFactory31141419140108 s
O2 JamDr.FlowershirtsDiox1394713134134 s
O2 Red JellyPoryPory12871215131135 s
O2JAkiraAkira64151012185107 s
OndoTICTNoteFactory2813714102108 s
Out of ControlRavenMgame
No. 1 Family
10467913691 s
PRINCESS MONONOKERikoSirius.o2SE61911221180122 s
Persist To The EndA-DoNoteFactory3822713124133 s
PoisonRed PulseMgame34531218123152 s
Prague SquareJolin Tsai
Jay Chou
NoteFactory4163102094.6142 s
Prince of the Sea박명수Sirius.o2SE71421217140146 s
Pulse in OpusRed PulseSide of the World43781218138139 s
Renegades of HardcoreJihnsiusSpam62891320170104 s
Rudie girlE.BNoteFactory3254121717097 s
Run to ForestPoryPory13114616099 s
Rusty SkyR300kCreent940101727144163 s
Sad ChristmasBeautifulDayNoteFactory3685913141154 s
Sad HurtKoyoteSirius.o2SE6853612145130 s
Say That UAmuseworldNF-Special18146714693 s
Seine R.E.BNoteFactory3232713180116 s
Shuffle HeavenRYORYO63681526190118 s
Sonata (O3 Underground Remix)Penny
NoteFactory31741115135140 s
SputnikThe Red RebelFalk65751430162157 s
Stak AtakCanBlasterFalk62951622180137 s
Story of the UnderdogSanxion7Axelator51491626135152 s
Stunt FlyingDr.FlowershirtsHwan14371114148137 s
Supa RideTeddy BearMgame25781521137135 s
Super LuminalS2TB RecordingShin Hyun Keun57351825180159 s
Take the GloomyE.BE.B14481214160103 s
Tear of EliseEverfree.o2SEEverfree.o2SE63031825135134 s
TelepathS2TB RecordingSirius.o2SE66231224140133 s
Tell Me a StorySuperGreenXSpam44031423127106 s
Tiger MothStudio DomaStudio Doma73572034155168 s
ToleranceNao.paradigmNao.paradigm115269159119 s
Trance WorldRed PulseNoteFactory40841318146133 s
TransectionNao.paradigmNao.paradigm11421012155126 s
Turn APoryNoteFactory34341122152135 s
VolcanoKAZE.o2SENoteFactory38841722150144 s
Your majestyE.BNoteFactory35351015145127 s
ZANKOKU NA TENSHI NO THESEMusiq trapsShin Hyun Keun62111520142121 s
ZANKOKU NA TENSHI NO THESE (3K)GamaniaSRS(●)7643510142105 s
Zero-OneNao.paradigmNoteFactory20931317147109 s
[SEasy] Beautiful DayBeautifulDayNoteFactory69811118140157 s
[SHD] Jinglebell MegamixNao.paradigmParagon3702724180144 s
[SHD] Sonata (O3 Remix)Penny
Paragon37741121135136 s
[SHD] Take the GloomyE.BParagon36581225160105 s
[SHD] Zero-OneNao.paradigmParagon37631324147109 s