TY Brave Edit

TY Brave is a notecharter, mostly in [3M] songs.

Songs which he notecharted Edit

%qw(3M)PoryTY Brave935
Arctic Dummy BearStudio DomaTY Brave942
Dark NightmareCreent
TY Brave932
Dark Nightmare(3M)Creent
TY Brave933
Electro ParadigmStudio DomaTY Brave916
Electro Paradigm(3M)Studio DomaTY Brave917
Exam HellStudio DomaTY Brave920
FIGHTERStudio DomaTY Brave922
Hair LossStudio DomaTY Brave944
ManittoStudio DomaTY Brave918
POWER BEAT!!Studio DomaTY Brave928
Turkish MarchCreentTY Brave909

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