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Sonata(O2 Version)
Sonata(O2 Version)
Artist Penny +
Notecharter Hwan +
ID 112
Alternate name Flag of the People's Republic of China 莎娜塔
Genre Dance
Level 5 / 10 / 13
Note count 284 / 575 / 788
List icon
130.00 +
List icon
1:34 +
Visual picky
111 Electro Fantasy
112 Sonata (O2 Version)
113 Duel (O2 Version)
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Sonata (O2 Version) is an Arabic style song in O2Jam.

Genre:Funky House

It was remixed into Sonata (O3 Underground Remix) and [SHD] Sonata (O3 Remix).