Skill rings allow for variations of the usual gameplay. Skill rings must be activated by the captain and applied to all players in that room during the song period. Skill Rings may only be bought using e-Points, and last for a set number of uses before they disappear. Each skill ring has a different effect.

Skill rings in the same classification cannot be used at the same time.

Power ringEdit

Power ringEdit

Main article: Power ring

The power ring is classified in its own. It allows other players to "have" songs that they haven't bought yet.

Arrange ringsEdit

Mirror ringEdit

The mirror ring inverts the left and right sides of the song being played.

Random ringEdit

Main article: Random ring

The random ring shuffles the columns of the song being played.

Panic ringEdit

Main article: Panic ring

The panic ring shuffles the columns of the song being played per measure.

Visibility ringsEdit

Hidden ringEdit

The hidden ring hides the lower half of the playing area.

Sudden ringEdit

The sudden ring hides the upper half of the playing area.

Dark ringEdit

The dark ring hides the upper and the lower portion of the playing area, except for a small area in the middle. This is one of the most difficult rings to play with.