The room selection screen, channel or lobby is where you select or create rooms to play O2Jam with. It is displayed after you select a channel in the channel selection screen.

Current channelEdit

The current channel can be seen at the upper left corner of the screen.

Other buttonsEdit

Other buttons at the top lead to different interfaces such as

Room selection and creationEdit

At most six of the current rooms created in the channel are displayed. To navigate through all rooms, use the arrow buttons to the bottom of the rooms.

When you click the Waiting button, the room window will only display multiplayer rooms that are currently waiting (and not playing). It will change to a Show all button, which will display all rooms when clicked.

The shortcut button takes you to a random available room.

The create button lets you create a room in the channel.


There is a chat box in the bottom where you can chat with players that are also in the room selection screen. You can also whisper any online player in the channel from here.

Player list interfaceEdit

The user list to the right shows the players currently in the channel. You may view your friends in the friends tab. There are options when you right click any player in the user list or your friends list:

  • Send message - Allows you to send a private message to the user
  • Whisper - Sets the chat box so you can whisper the user
  • Add to friends - Adds the user to your friends list
  • Remove friend - Removes the user from your friends list.


You receive messages when a user uses the player list interface or sends you a gift which may be opened in My Room. If you have any messages, a message above the ad will appear. If you have no messages, "No Messages" appears on the top of the ad.


You can see your avatar on the bottom left, together with your level, game name and ranking.

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