Rock.o2SE is a composer & pattern designer in O2Jam.

His alias was once changed to Rock in PopStage after O2Media Inc. has been closed down.

You can find a rearranged version of Symphony from the Rock World under the alias "Rock.C" in Tap Sonic BUBBLE by Neowiz,with some other classic rmx songs.

O2Jam songs by Rock.o2SEEdit

(SEasy) Oh MyJang Yun-jeongRock.o2SE699
AstronomasS2TB RecordingRock.o2SE449
Chiisana HanaRide on BabyRock.o2SE527
JjanjjaraJang Yun-jeongRock.o2SE502
O25Ride on BabyRock.o2SE528
Oh MyJang Yun-jeongRock.o2SE455
Piano Sonata in C, K.545Rock.o2SERock.o2SE645
Radetzky MarchHansol MusicRock.o2SE535
Rainy MorningRock.o2SERock.o2SE441
Run up !!!Rock.o2SERock.o2SE577
Salary RiderRide on BabyRock.o2SE529
Symphony from the Rock WorldRock.o2SERock.o2SE613
The Theme of Chup's gangGamaniaRock.o2SE603
Valse criolloRock.o2SERock.o2SE637
[SEasy] JjanjjaraJang Yun-jeongRock.o2SE700