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Rock music is a form of popular music with a prominent vocal melody, accompanied by guitar, drums, and bass. Many styles of rock music also use keyboard instruments such as organ, piano, mellotron, and synthesizers. Other instruments sometimes utilized in rock include harmonica, violin, flute, banjo, melodica, and timpani. Also, less common stringed instruments such as mandolin and sitar are used. Rock music usually has a strong back beat, and often revolves around the guitar, either solid electric, hollow electric, or acoustic.

O2Jam rock songsEdit

 ArtistNotecharterIDLevel EXLevel NXLevel HXBPMDuration
25Chun Myun GaNoteFactory34461216207135 s
Aiming highGlasslakeNoteFactory30941215174113 s
BABA(Hi~^^*)Mr. SoulImpact Line2373814112132 s
Beach ParadiseBeautifulDayNoteFactory103258129110 s
Because I Love You이루Sirius.o2SE71551121147148 s
Black City BeatGlasslakeNoteFactory304391395
Blow UpMonkey InsaneNoteFactory3845612108.41143 s
BreakChun Myun GaNoteFactory3425713162.95154 s
Burning Up!!KAZE
Shin Hyun Keun
KAZE60991725176170 s
Call me againKnuckle JoeKAZE.o2SE44371422120163 s
Calling on MagicMr.SoulImpact Line2482916113131 s
Check It outDr.FlowershirtsShin Hyun Keun120444125107 s
Chiisana HanaRide on BabyRock.o2SE5272510132154 s
Classroom IdeaSeo TaijiNoteFactory3492101485168 s
Coconut CatGamaniaNoteFactory2031517130142 s
Come Back To MeTransfixionHwan122269102148 s
Cross The RoadStudio DomaSRS(●)8009172717091 s
Cross The Road (3M)Studio DomaSRS(●)8035101317091 s
DVDxSandwichAkira6494812173134 s
DefineHileraAkira67571314136114 s
DestinationGlasslakeNoteFactory1545101416090 s
Destination (3K)GlasslakeNoteFactory7607911160110 s
Destiny of FateStudio DomaGroovityARTs896112131125110 s
Destiny of Fate (3M)Studio DomaGroovityARTs8988111712591 s
DieoxinAmuseworldNF-Special1995112116577 s
DirectionSlapshockAkira64871015138156 s
Distro XRed PulseMgame33451322115157 s
Dive To...(Axel F)BrandyMgame151369126106 s
Do It Now (3K)Studio DomaStudio Doma346106 s
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeSeo TaijiNoteFactory40451219155212 s
Dragon EyesBeautifulDayNoteFactory3203142296167 s
Dreaming LionKnuckle JoeNoteFactory33931218140.1162 s
Driving Lazy BeeGlasslakeNoteFactory1633101610592 s
Earth QuakeKAZE.o2SEKAZE.o2SE49531536150195 s
EnvyMaskAmuseworldNF-Special211581011891 s
Eye of the SunCho Yong PilNoteFactory21631116160315 s
FalseMonkey InsaneNoteFactory340791186139 s
First of SummerUrbandubAkira69051012138.5131 s
FreeJadeNoteFactory157559123126 s
FridaySakai AsukaNoteFactory42431017190137 s
FromPB'sNoteFactory129246160102 s
GO!!火影忍者Yo!61051351520134154 s
Guardian AngelAhn Jae-wookNoteFactory30711013155202 s
Hair LossStudio DomaTY Brave9448172596154 s
Happy ThenTerraNoteFactory42131218135126 s
Hard RomanticcersImitation PoPs Uchuu Sentai NOIZShin Hyun Keun686137195132 s
SHD Hard RomanticcersImitation PoPs Uchuu Sentai NOIZShin Hyun Keun687152230195132 s
HayugaSeo TaijiNoteFactory35631624104.63196 s
HeLL BoY (3M)BeautifulDayCreent61115127 s
Heffy EndSeo TaijiNoteFactory2463911115156 s
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