Renoting is the changing of notes of songs in O2Jam.

The renoted songs also changes its keysounds and loading images.

Songs that are renoted Edit

Name Composer Notecharter Visual Artist ID
Christmas Memories[RN] BeautifulDay SRS(●) Cap.Claudiss 745
I'm a Woman, too[RN] 장나라 SRS(●) Cap.Claudiss 814
Lonely Song[RN] BeautifulDay SRS(●) Cap.Claudiss 748
W(RN) Everfree.o2SE SRS(●) Cap.Claudiss 746
WilliamTell(RN) BeautifulDay SRS(●) Cap.Claudiss 749

Trivia Edit

SRS(●) note charted all the renoted songs.

Cap.Claudiss made all the loading image for the renoted songs.

Lonely Song[RN] and WilliamTell[RN] are the only songs to increase its difficulties after renoting.

I'm a Woman, too[RN] is the only renoted song that haven't changed its loading image.

Most of the renoted songs are from BeautifulDay.

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