Red Pulse (also known with the capitalization Red pulse) is an O2Jam artist.

He is expert in Euro Dance,Trance,and Rock genres.

O2Jam songs by Red PulseEdit

AdagioRed PulseSide of the World467
Distro XRed PulseMgame334
Go HellRed PulseMgame336
HighRed PulseNoteFactory393
I Need Your LoveRed PulseNoteFactory397
I Need Your Love(3K)Red PulseNoteFactory866
In My FantasiaRed PulseSide of the World488
Let Me DanceRed PulseSide of the World429
Make it RockRed PulseMgame355
Movie StarRed PulseSide of the World543
Movie Star (3K)Red PulseCreent763
Open Your MindRed PulseSide of the World447
Please Don't GoRed PulseNoteFactory412
PoisonRed PulseMgame345
Pulse in OpusRed PulseSide of the World437
Take OffRed PulseSide of the World419
Trance WorldRed PulseNoteFactory408
Turn it upside downRed PulseMgame352