Not to be confused with One Love.
one love
One Love
Artist Blue
Notecharter Donovan Lee
ID 434
Genre Ballad
Level 8 / 14 / 20
Note count 429 / 537 / 1223
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95 +
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2:39 +
433 Venus-R
434 One love
435 Bling of the Bumblebee
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One love is a song in O2Jam.

Its lyrics can be found in its loading screen, but cut off after the 1st chorus.

Lyrics Edit

It's kinda funny how life can change

Can flip 180 in a matter of days

Sometimes love works in mysterious ways

One day you wake up gone without a trace


I refused to give up

I refused to give in

You're my everything

I don't wanna give up

I don't wanna give in, oh no

Everybody sings


One love - for the mother's pride

One love - for the times we cried

One love - gotta stay alive

I will survive

One love - for the city streets

One love - for the hip-hop beats

One love, Oh I do believe

One love is all we need

Late at night I'm still wide awake

Feel this is far more than I can take

I thought my heart could never break

Now I know that's one big mistake



Baby, just love me love me love me

Baby, just hold me hold me hold me

Oh, love me love me love me, Oooh