A normal Ohm.

The Ohm (Korean: 옴, IPA: /om/, romanized "om", Japanese: オーム Ōmu) is a fictional creature classification in O2Jam.


While its origin is unknown the place that it was first discovered was on the planet Draconic. Like its physical appearance, its life span and characteristics also vary depending on its breed. It can survive on many kinds of food. While the Ohms were being examined by the scientists, these seemingly harmless creatures were being raised as pets by the people of Muracle. To make matters worse some people even began befriending the creatures. It was these people who named the creatures Ohms. The name was derived from the purring sound the creatures made. The Ohms were so readily tamed because they had lovely traits that the people of Muracle found attractive.


Ohms' weakness is the abundance of oxygen. This is why Ohms are rarely found in O2Planet.