O2PS (O2Jam Private server) is an O2Jam emulator. It is administered by O2PS and KiraQC. It uses the O2Jam Chinese client and is based from the tutorial from Ragezone. The server status is now officially closed due to the expiration of the MYSQL 2000


Official and unofficial songs alike can be played by O2PS depending on the songs on the server music list. Some songs are imported from Allcombo(o2jam Pepsi) and fan-made notecharts such as notecharts made by the unofficial Philippine notecharter rickyboi.O2SE (only recognized by O2PS).


O2PS has once run an O2Jam emulation server. However at November 7, 2007, O2PS was officially closed. Here is the notice:

Dear O2PS Players.
Sadly my final decision to close O2PS has come too soon. Due to the tight
schedule I'm facing right now making me hard time to maintain the server
and rehunting a new hoster for O2PS just brings back to where we started

from my point of view, re-doing everything again and again is awfully a
waste of time. I hope you players will find a private server soon

Sorry for the disappointing news. Do keep in touch in O2PS in RageZone
forum just in-case I changed my mind


after that O2PS became only a forum for private songs and called itself O2Jam Private songs and bacame a download center for songs.

In March 10, O2PS opened again and was renamed O2PS reborn. Here is the announcement of the launching:

Dear O2Jammers,

I'm pleased to announce the rebirth of O2PS. Although there isn't much changes with our game server, we will
now be focusing on the play time for our beloved players. Last time, we wasted so much time on getting new
interfaces such as, top100, ingame shop files... etc. We were so busy till we have forgotten the actual purpose
of our game server, and that is, just to let O2Jammers enjoy and have fun playing together with one another.

So now, I'm proud to introduce to you, the brand new O2PS! We will
no longer care about new interface, we will only be concentrating on new o2jam musics to be placed in our server so that our beloved O2Jammers can enjoy
playing with one another. And that's it!

If you wish to get fame and known by others, by all means please play the official servers. For now, O2PS Reborn
is a non-profit organization that will open to all players worldwide to enjoy playing all songs free-to-play 4ever!

The O2PS Management.

Errors and GlitchesEdit

Errors encountered during gameplay

  • some songs have errors while playing
  • no Userlist yet
  • error in registration
  • when 3D is turned off, the gameplay looks different
  • no In-Game Shop
  • no In-Game music download

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