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O2Jam to-do
(Please help!)
Ongoing / continuous / not being worked on (!)
  • Pages for most popular songs (top priority)
Low priority
  • All pages for songs (low priority, how ironic)
  • Song videos (uh... does anyone mind?)
  • O2Jam players (just make sure a player is on the top if you're writing about him... about the top 300, I think)
Completed / continuous
  • Audio samples for songs - completed! More audio samples are welcome, just upload them at Special:Upload. (Ogg Vorbis preferable, MIDI files are... a no. If you have time, please put the Audio sample of property to associate it with the song [I can also do this myself, just upload it])
  • Loading screen images for songs - completed! Of course more are welcome.

compiled by --ko (talk)

Page rank (SEO)

We thank everyone for contributing to the O2Jam wiki! Although our page rank in Google is relatively low (50), it's relatively very high when matched with another keyword (for example, "o2jam v3" or "o2jam recollection"

Page ranking (as of Feb. 2009)

  • Google - 50 (Our target is 3!)
  • Yahoo! - 4
  • Live Search - 11

Top referrers (as of Feb. 2009)

O2Jam tutorial! Edit

How about an O2Jam tutorial? It would be great if anyone that would like to start playing O2Jam or at least an overview of how it is played and how to set up an account get this kind of information, so they feel less... discouraged (?). I'm looking forward to making one at my user space. [This time I want to be biased and focus on the PH version, since I don't know exact details at the other international sites.] --ko (talk) 15:40, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

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