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Text of the game storyEdit

At the fringe of 'Galaxy NGC 1512', approximately 3000 light years away from Earth, an undiscovered star-system named 'Muracle' exists. 10 unique planets constitute Muracle. Each planet had developed its own civilization and unique culture in a peaceful environment. One day, unidentified organisms were detected in Muracle. The dragons from the planet Draconic who were in charge of monitoring Muracle took it upon themselves to examine these mysterious organisms.

Upon initial investigation, they found nothing harmful about these cute creatures. While the examination of the new organisms was proceeding, people in Muracle started to raise these harmless creatures as pets. Some people even began befriending them; eventually those creatures were named Ohms for the purr-like sound they made. The Ohms were so readily tamed because they had lovely traits that the people of Muracle found attractive. Soon the Ohms multiplied and could be found everywhere.

Some time later, Muracle was gradually losing its balance; the planet Eliten's scientists discovered that the Ohms were sent from Muracle's rivals, the Geracle star-system. As the Ohms had been accepted as a part of society, they were easily found all over the planet. It was later found out that the people of Muracle became depressed and un-energized when the Ohms emitted their purring sound which were in fact low frequency waves. Knowing this the leaders from each planet gathered together and discussed a plan to free the planets from this crisis. Eventually they discovered that the planet O2 was the only planet that was not affected by Ohm's low-frequency emissions. They also discovered that Ohm's weak point was the O2 (Oxygen) generated when O2's people played in musical jam sessions. The leaders from O2 were requested to save Muracle from the crisis and to do this they formed a special team called the Muracle Rangers. Their task was to liberate the other planets from the Ohms' influence as quickly as possible.