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O2Jam Korea is the original version of O2Jam developed by O2Media.


Different modes in the gameplay of O2Jam Korea.

7 Key ModeEdit

This is the usual key mode from the previous versions. Default keys are S, D, F, spacebar, J, K and L.

5 Key ModeEdit

Only the middle keys are used. The keys used are D, F, spacebar, J and K.

3 Key ModeEdit

The left shift key, right shift key and enter key are used.

O2Jam songs from O2Jam KREdit

%qw(3M)PoryTY Brave935
(SEasy) Chopsticks MarchEverfree.o2SEEverfree.o2SE695
(SEasy) Family...Everfree.o2SEEverfree.o2SE694
(SEasy) Oh MyJang Yun-jeongRock.o2SE699
(SEasy) ParapapaPark Hyun BinEverfree.o2SE696
(SEasy) Plaisir d'amourSirius.o2SESirius.o2SE697
(SEasy) Song of VacationBeautifulDayNoteFactory693
1996, When They Ruled EarthSeotaijiNoteFactory305
1분1초Epik HighCreent795
1분1초 (3M)Epik HighCreent792
25Chun Myun GaNoteFactory344
AccidentBabyvox Re.VEverfree.o2SE709
Amadeus-SalvationImpact LineSRS(●)827
Amadeus-Salvation (3M)ImpactLineSRS(●)836
April (3K)GlasslakeSRS(●)787
BMPStudio DomaSRS(●)885
BMP (3M)Studio DomaSRS(●)887
Bach Alive-DMix (3K)BeautifulDaySRS(●)788
Beach Paradise (3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)823
Because I Love You이루Sirius.o2SE715
Beethoven's Fire (3M)Creent825
[SHD]Beethoven's FireELSirius.o2SE
Studio Doma
Best Love함소원Sirius.o2SE717
Brahms (O2 Ver.)(3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)869
BreakChun Myun GaNoteFactory342
Bride in Dream (3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)
Bride in Dream (OA Ver.)BeautifulDayImpact Line835
Bride in Dream (OA Ver.) (3M)BeautifulDayCreent
Burning Up!!KAZE
Shin Hyun Keun
By Chance (O2 Ver.)(3K)Brown Eyed GirlsSRS(●)761
By Chance (RD Ver.)(3K)Brown Eyed GirlsNowcom765
Canon (O3 Remix) (3K)NowcomCreent820
Canon(O3 Remix)NowcomCreent
Cat SymphonyStudio DomaSirius.o2SE
Studio Doma
Christmas Memories (3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)818
Convenience StoreDrunken TigerSirius.o2SE444
Cross The RoadStudio DomaSRS(●)800
Cross The Road (3M)Studio DomaSRS(●)803
Crystal EyeStudio DomaStudio Doma734
Csikos Post (3K)Hermann NeckeSRS(●)777
Cute SsongYeon GyeongSirius.o2SE705
Dancing on the FireDJ Schedule1SRS(●)864
Dancing on the Fire (3M)DJ Schedule1SRS(●)865
Dark NightmareCreent
TY Brave932
Dark Nightmare(3M)Creent
TY Brave933
Death Moon 2Shin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun736
Death Moon 2 (Clean Version)Shin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun754
Destination (3K)GlasslakeNoteFactory760
Destiny of Fate (3M)Studio DomaGroovityARTs898
... further results

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