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This event focuses on the JAM combo, The winner will be declared by the highest JAM combo.


No registration is required.First come first served basis


Monday 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (GMT+8)

Competition typeEdit

Free for All

Limit per roomEdit

7 Players per Room

Number of matchesEdit

10 matches a day


Thalia Server, Channel 20

Season DurationEdit

1 Season = 1 Month

Daily PrizesEdit

1st winner

  • 10 Ranking Points
  • 1 x10 Skill Ring (Arrangement / Visibility)

2nd winner

  • 7 Ranking Points
  • 1 x10 Skill Ring (Arrangement / Visibility)

3rd winner

  • 5 Ranking Points
  • 1 x10 Skill Ring (Arrangement / Visibility)

Season PrizesEdit

1st winner

  • 1 P2P Song
  • 100 EP worth of Items
  • 3 x50 Skill Rings

2nd winner

  • 80 EP worth of Items
  • 2 x50 Skill Rings

3rd winner

  • 50 EP worth of Items
  • 1 x50 Skill Ring

Rules and RegulationsEdit

  • Each player is allowed to play ONE TIME
  • Each song difficulty will be chosen randomly by the GM
  • Winners are determine by the Highest score of Jam Combos and will be declared as winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Rings are optional play by GM's decision
  • Each round will be played by the speed of X1
  • Only the top 3 winners will be getting points as mentioned above
  • Points accumulated throughout the season will be used to determine the season winners
  • Points must accumulate 25 points or above to win the seasonal prizes
  • GM holds the final decision

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