Notecharting is the act of constructing a sequence of notes for the entirety of a specific song. This applies to most rhythm-matching music games such as O2Jam.


A notechart is a sequence of notes for a song. There can be many notecharts with different levels for a given song, i.e., Easy, Normal, Hard, or sometimes Super Hard.


Notecharters, or O2SE's, are people who specialize in making notecharts.

List of O2Jam notechartersEdit

Akira, Arch0wl, Creent, DJ Potatoe, Diox, E.B, Everfree.o2SE, Falk, Hiro, Hwan, Impact Line, Ino, KAZE.o2SE, Kevin.o2SE, Lvex, Mgame, Mystic, Nao.paradigm, NoteFactory, Paragon, Pory, Rock.o2SE, SRS(●), Shin Hyun Keun, Side of the World, Sirius.o2SE, Studio Doma, Yo!610, Spam , Kuliner , LostHumanity , Y.J. , Maelstorm, 活死人√

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