The music game O2Jam judges note hits into four:


The judgment of whether a note is hit or not is based on the distance of the note from the target bar. The descriptions in the following sections apply only to hi-speed X1; in other hi-speeds, the target bar virtually resizes also that much, however the visible target bar does not change. For example, in X4, imagine that the target bar resizes vertically upward to four times its size.


A cool is registered when at least 80% of the note hit the red target bar.


A good is registered when at least 50% but less than 80% of the note hit the target bar.


A bad is registered when at least about 20% of the note but less than 50% hit the red target bar. A bad breaks a combo, but a pill can convert a bad into a cool.


A miss is registered when the note missed the red target bar. A miss breaks a combo.

Target BarEdit

The red target bar is the guide to hitting the notes.

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