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NoteFactory (NF) is a popular notecharting entity of various songs in O2Jam.

Known member:

O2Jam songs by NoteFactoryEdit

  Artist Notecharter ID
0x1311 Nao.paradigm NoteFactory 286
Aiming high Glasslake NoteFactory 309
Andromeda Nao.paradigm NoteFactory 420
April Glasslake NoteFactory 225
Bach Alive-Another BeautifulDay NoteFactory 148
Beach Paradise BeautifulDay NoteFactory 103
Beautiful Day BeautifulDay NoteFactory 306
Black Water Pory NoteFactory 312
Blade BeautifulDay NoteFactory 149
Bounce with Me BeautifulDay NoteFactory 190
Brahms (O2 Version) BeautifulDay NoteFactory 107
California Dreaming BeautifulDay NoteFactory 173
CherryPop BeautifulDay NoteFactory 159
Christmas Memories BeautifulDay Impact Line
Coconut Cat Gamania NoteFactory 203
Cold Scream Pory NoteFactory 232
Destination Glasslake NoteFactory 154
Destination (3K) Glasslake NoteFactory 760
Don't Say Anything! Nao.paradigm NoteFactory 193
Dragon Eyes BeautifulDay NoteFactory 320
Dreaming Lion Knuckle Joe NoteFactory 339
Driving Lazy Bee Glasslake NoteFactory 163
Drum N Bass Step-Mix Dr.Flowershirts NoteFactory 158
Duel (O2 Version) Dr.Flowershirts NoteFactory 113
Electro Fantasy BeautifulDay NoteFactory 111
Electro8 DJ Potatoe NoteFactory 328
Eternity Pory Hwan
Every Move I Make Ccm
Eye of the Sun Cho Yong Pil NoteFactory 216
Eyes BADA NoteFactory 411
Feel The O2Jam! BeautifulDay Impact Line
Feel so good BlueM NoteFactory 252
Fiesta BeautifulDay NoteFactory 172
Forever Ahn Jae Wook NoteFactory 207
Free Jade NoteFactory 157
Friend Ahn Jae Wook NoteFactory 206
From PB's NoteFactory 129
Get Drunk MoonGyuHyuk NoteFactory 108
Ghost House Super Station NoteFactory 332
God Is My... Ccm NoteFactory 222
Happy Christmas KAZE.o2SE NoteFactory 363
Heffy End Seo Taiji NoteFactory 246
Hell BoY BeautifulDay NoteFactory 324
Hi Iggy~ BlueM NoteFactory 263
High Red Pulse NoteFactory 393
Hunch PB's NoteFactory 101
I Know Seo Taiji NoteFactory 198
I Need Your Love Red Pulse NoteFactory 397
I Need Your Love(3K) Red Pulse
Red Pulse
IM PB'S NoteFactory 235
Internet War Seo Taiji NoteFactory 264
Just 1 more IL-RA NoteFactory 253
Kan Kan BeautifulDay NoteFactory 191
Let The Sunshine Jade NoteFactory 156
Live Wire Seo Taiji NoteFactory 204
Live Wire -=Full Version=- Seo Taiji NoteFactory 282
Lonely Song BeautifulDay NoteFactory 175
Me Ccm NoteFactory 221
Mercy is Falling Ccm NoteFactory 220
Monster Express BeautifulDay NoteFactory 311
My Fantasy 徐太志/서태지 NoteFactory 183
Ohm Busters! BeautifulDay NoteFactory 166
Ondo TICT NoteFactory 281
Pit-A-Pat Christmas Impact Line NoteFactory 378
Please Don't Go Red Pulse NoteFactory 412
Robot Seo Taiji NoteFactory 240
Rock'N Roll Transfixion NoteFactory 142
Romantic Assassin Stony Skunk NoteFactory 179
Rudie girl EarBreaker NoteFactory 325
SHD Bride in Dream BeautifulDay NoteFactory 848
SHD Feel the O2Jam BeautifulDay NoteFactory 846
Sad Christmas BeautifulDay NoteFactory 368
Separated Union Glasslake NoteFactory 271
Sonata (O3 Underground Remix) Penny
NoteFactory 317
Song of Vacation BeautifulDay NoteFactory 316
Summer Memory BeautifulDay
Take it 백재성 NoteFactory 231
Toccata & Fugue BeautifulDay NoteFactory 308
Trampled Leaves Bombs NoteFactory 350
Trance World Red Pulse NoteFactory 408
Turn A Pory NoteFactory 343
Ultramania Seo Taiji NoteFactory 184
Up N Down! Dr.Flowershirts NoteFactory 208
V3 (O2 Version) BeautifulDay NoteFactory 218
Victim Seo Taiji NoteFactory 214
Vivaldi in HipHop BeautifulDay NoteFactory 165
Vivaldi in Hiphop (3K) BeautifulDay NoteFactory 758
Volcano KAZE.o2SE NoteFactory 388
White Day Nao.paradigm NoteFactory 415
WilliamTell(O2 Version) BeautifulDay NoteFactory 160
Wind on the Horizon KAZE.o2SE NoteFactory 314
With U IL-RA NoteFactory 213
You was born to be loved... BeautifulDay NoteFactory 200
You,U,You Dr.Flowershirts NoteFactory 192
Zero-One Nao.paradigm NoteFactory 209
Zl Dr.Flowershirts NoteFactory 205
꿈속의 신부 (RM) 서의범 NoteFactory 833
꿈속의 신부 (RM)(3M) 서의범 NoteFactory 833
미쳤어 (O2 Ver.)(3K) Son Dam Bi NoteFactory 757

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