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Lonely Song[RN]
Lonely Song(RN)
Artist BeautifulDay +
Notecharter SRS(●) +
ID 748
Alternate name Flag of South Korea 외롭쏭[RN]
Genre Dance
Level 4 / 8 / 14
Note count 356 / 513 / 963
List icon
130 +
List icon
1:56 +
Visual Cap.Claudiss +
Variants Lonely Song
Lonely Song (3M)
Lonely Song(RN)
(SEasy) Lonely Song
747 Please Be My Lover (Rock Ver.)
748 Lonely Song(RN)
749 WilliamTell(RN)
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Lonely Song[RN] is the renote song of Lonely Song.

Trivia Edit

Of all renoted songs in O2Jam, this and WilliamTell[RN] are the only songs that its difficulties increased after renoting.