Lemin Mercedes (Korean: 레밍 메르세데스, IPA: /lemiŋ merɯsedesɯ/, romanized "lemin mereusedeseu") is a fictional character in O2Jam.



Lemin Mercedes

Lemin Mercedes, with vivid brown eyes, thick lips, long silky shoulder-length hair and of average height, she is more than picture perfect. She maintained her sunny and positive outlook even after her father, a general of the Crystal Force died in battle. Her mother on the other hand never recovered from the loss of her husband. While she is usually a cheery girl, Lemin is also known for her hot temper and her strange way of doing things. Either way, Lemin is always keen on getting rid of the Ohms while at the same time turning aside advances made by her many admirers. To do her part to rid the planets of the terrible Ohms, she enlisted into a special force called the Retuarte, which is a group under the Muracle Rangers. She was promoted to squadron commander of the Retuarte due to her prowess in battle. When not fighting the Ohms, she often busies herself practicing on her keyboards and drums. There are rumors indicating that she is actually secretly in love with Mesata Kir[1].


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