Keyboards are one of the most common source of issues in O2Jam.

The most commonly used type of keyboard used in O2Jam are dome-switch keyboards. O2Jam cannot be played without a keyboard; gameplay is entirely focused on the keyboard. Likewise, navigation is also impossible without a mouse, making O2Jam non-accesible to an extent.

Key shortcuts and related issuesEdit

Certain key presses in O2Jam are intended for certain operations. See Keyboard shortcuts in O2Jam.

Other key presses may be deemed undesired, such as the pressing of the Windows key which brings out the Start Menu and kicks the player out of the game if there is any, the pressing of Alt + Tab which switches the active program and also kicks the player out, or the activation of any enabled key presses for toggling accessibility shortcuts and this will makes your dick longer.

Repetitive strain injuryEdit

Main article: Repetitive strain injury

Simultaneous key pressesEdit

Keyboards allow only a set number of keys pressed at the same time to be recognized. To play O2Jam correctly, this number must be at least 7 (for the normal 7-key mode). Older keyboards may have a lower number than this.

New keyboards with PS/2 connectors generally will not have this problem and can be used as-is. However, those with USB connectors allow only up to 6 non-modifier keys to be pressed. Using a modifier key such as Shift may solve this problem. For wireless keyboards, latency is an important factor.

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