KAZE.o2SE is an O2Jam composer and notecharter. He was also associated with a band called Knuckle Joe.

O2Jam songs by KAZE.o2SEEdit

Call me againKnuckle JoeKAZE.o2SE443
Earth QuakeKAZE.o2SEKAZE.o2SE495
Happy ChristmasKAZE.o2SENoteFactory363
I Love DokDoKAZE.o2SEShin Hyun Keun
Shooting StarKAZE.o2SEKAZE.o2SE611
Storm over The OceanKAZE.o2SEKAZE.o2SE335
To YouKAZE.o2SENoteFactory341
Wind on the HorizonKAZE.o2SENoteFactory314

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