Impact Line is a notecharting and composing entity in O2Jam. They also did the loading screens for some of their notecharts. 

Known member:

O2Jam songs by Impact LineEdit

AmadeusImpact LineImpact LineBinny251
Amadeus-SalvationImpact LineSRS(●)827
B.S.CATBeautifulDayImpact LineImpact Line196
BABA(Hi~^^*)Mr. SoulImpact Line237
Bach invension 1Impact LineImpact Line273
Bach invension 12Impact LineImpact Line274
Bang! Bang! Bang!BeautifulDayImpact Line217
Bride in DreamBeautifulDayImpact LineImpact Line197
Bride in Dream (OA Ver.)BeautifulDayImpact Line835
Calling on MagicMr.SoulImpact Line248
Christmas MemoriesBeautifulDayImpact Line
Core ArirangBeautifulDayImpact LineRabice
Crazy LoveBeautifulDayImpact LineImpact Line189
Feel The O2Jam!BeautifulDayImpact Line
Fly Magpie!BeautifulDayImpact LineImpact Line178
For EliseImpact LineImpact Line287
Go! Go! Go!Impact LineNoteFactory402
Grande valse brillanteImpact LineImpact Line256
HumoresqueImpact LineImpact Line247
InstrumentImpact LineImpact LineO2Princess241
Little StarImpact LineImpact Line229
Little zooImpact LineImpact LineO2Princess254
Love DriveSuper StationImpact LineBinny270
MemoriesImpact LineImpact Line255
Milk ChocolateBeautifulDayImpact LineLey223
MonochromeImpact LineImpact LineBinny261
Natal AngelBeautifulDayImpact LineBinny215
Pit-A-Pat ChristmasImpact LineNoteFactory378
Sonatine 1Impact LineImpact LineRabice249
Sonatine 14-1Impact LineImpact LineRabice245
Sonatine 7-1Impact LineImpact LineRabice234
Sonatine 8-1Impact LineImpact LineRabice233
Sonatine 9-1Impact LineImpact LineRabice238
Song of PainBeautifulDayImpact LineO2Princess201
SunlightImpact LineImpact LineO2Princess230
TelevisionImpact LineImpact LineO2Princess236
TempestImpact LineImpact LineRabice360
Until you come backImpact LineImpact LineBinny226
Until you come back(5K)Impact LineSRS(●)Cap.Claudiss750
Waltz of PuppyImpact LineImpact LineBinny260
[SEasy] Christmas MemoriesBeautifulDayImpact Line
[SEasy] Fur EliseImpact LineGMS390
[SEasy] Little StarImpact LineImpact LineO2Princess386
[SEasy] SunlightImpact LineGMSO2Princess395

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