361 Identity
Artist Shin Hyun Keun +
Notecharter Shin Hyun Keun +
ID 361
Genre Techno
Level 3 / 17 / 34
Note count 284 / 825 / 1651
List icon
155.00 +
List icon
2:04 +
Visual Shin Hyun Keun +
360 Tempest
361 Identity
362 When The Darkness Ends
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New cover in O2Jam U

Identity (also coined Identity part 1 by players, abbreviated as ID or ID1 in Korea) is the first song of the Identity series by SHK.

Composed / Pattern Designed / Visualized by SHK

Genre:Techno Trance

*Genre in new cover is wrong.Identity Part.3 is the "Club Mix" of Identity.

Information from SHK's old blog

Infromation from SHK's new blog



The normal level of Identity can be used to complete missions because of its simplicity, mostly because of its signature ladders.


One of the hardest songs in the O2Jam world, the hard level is almost impossible to FC. It is also famous for its Huk mash.

Official ReleaseEdit

SHK’s SoundCloud


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