Health is a gameplay mechanism, used in various forms of role-playing and video games to give a value to characters, enemies, NPCs, and objects related to death and/or the defeat of the player, enemies, or NPCs, or the destruction and/or ruination of the object. This value can either be numerical, semi-numerical as in hit points, or arbitrary as in a life bar.

Hit pointsEdit

Hit points, also known as life points, HP, damage points, life bar, or just health (and countless other synonyms), are points used to determine a character's health and show how much damage attacks deal in role-playing games, computer and video games and wargames. These terms are usually shortened to two letter acronyms such as HP.

Hit points in O2JamEdit

Health is used in almost the same way as most RPG's. When a player's health reaches zero, the player would not be able to play and his character would become an Ohm. An O2Jam mission involves having full health.

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