The Guessing Game is an event in O2Jam Philippines. It is implied that GM Persona hosts the event.


  • Monday and Thursday, 3:00 - 4:00 PM (GMT+08)


  1. Players MUST have downloaded as many songs as they can for the event.
    (Tip: players can make use of the Malaysian torrent, if there are no conflicts)
  2. The GM will make a room in a random channel in Melpomin.
  3. The GM will then activate the Power ring, along with any skill ring preferred.
  4. The GM will then set the songs according to the day of the week:
    • Monday
      • Random 1-5
      • Random 5-9
    • Thursday
      • Random 9-13
      • Random 1+ (all)
  5. Players will then give one song title as their guess. Once finalized, the GM will start the game.
  6. If the song played matches a guess in the room, then the player wins the preliminary prize.
  7. If the player who guessed the song wins over the GM's score, then he gets the final prize.
  8. If there are more than one player who guessed the song right, the player who gets the higher score among those who have guessed will get the prize priority over the rest.
  9. Once a winner for the final prize has been chosen, event is concluded for the day.

Rules and LimitationsEdit

  1. One win per player. Succeeding wins will not count and will not be awarded. This is to give chances to others who haven't won in the event.
  2. Players must have only one guess. Once decision for a guess is made, it is final.
  3. Once a song has been played, it can never be changed.
  4. Disconnection by a player won't disqualify the player as a winner. He will still win the preliminary prize and will be awarded.
  5. Prizes will be awarded within three (3) working days after event.
  6. Players disruptive of the event will be dealt with according to the O2 Jam Game Policy.
  7. If players within the room won't be cooperative, GM can remake the room in another channel/server. If persistent, event for the day will be canceled.
  8. The GM's decision will be FINAL.


  • Preliminary Prize: 200,000 Gems
  • Final Prize: 1 song of choice


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