Go! Go! Go!
Go Go Go
Artist Impact Line +
Notecharter NoteFactory +
ID 402
Alternate name Flag of South Korea 꽁! 꽁! 꽁!
Go Go Go
Genre Etc
Level 1 / 1 / 2
Note count 37 / 80 / 143
List icon
124 +
List icon
1:05 +
Country KR +
401 PhayaNoiChomTalard
402 Go! Go! Go!
403 Recollection
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edit info

Go! Go! Go! is a song in O2Jam. It is rumored that this song should have an "O2Princess" image because of the series made by Impact Line (includes Sunlight, Television, Instrument, etc.). The level of this song is nearly the same of those aforementioned songs. Also, the singer is familiar.

The houses in the background are similar in Sad Christmas.

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