The Gem is one of the currencies in O2Jam.

Earning GemsEdit

Gems can be earned just by playing songs. However, when the O2Jam player reaches level 10, he can no longer earn gems through Single rooms. Players can get neither Gems nor EXP through Couple rooms. A limited number of items and songs can be bought using Gems.


\mbox{Base Gem Count} = b_{\mbox{gem}} = \left ( \left \lfloor \cfrac{x - 1}{5} \right \rfloor \cdot 38 + 87 \right ) \sqrt{r}
Bonuses = o = +25 for clearing, +25 for FCing, +25 for FCCing or FGCing.

Formula form:

p(x) = 
  1,  & \mbox{if }x\mbox{ is successfully done} \\
  0,  & \mbox{otherwise} 
o = 25 (p(\mbox{Clear}) + p(\mbox{FC}) + p(\mbox{FCC/FGC}))

Computation of Gems earned (shown below as ΔGem) in O2Jam after playing a song is

\Delta \mbox{Gem} = b_{\mbox{gem}} + o

where x is the player level and r is the completion percentage of the song.


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