Experience points (often abbreviated as 'exp' or 'xp') are units of measure used in role-playing games and role-playing video games. In such games the player has one or more characters which start out as weak and untrained. By winning battles and completing in-game tasks successfully the character gains experience in the form of points as a reward. Usually the amount of experience points a character has serves as a meter for their progression; and, if a sufficient amount of experience is obtained the character "levels up", or gains a superior level. Such an event usually increases the character's statistics such as health points and strength (depending on the game's rules), and introduces or allows the acquisition of newer or better abilities for the character to make use of.

In O2JamEdit

Experience points in O2Jam ('EXP') does not unlock anything to the player, rather it determines how much a player played in O2Jam.

Earning EXPEdit

EXP can be earned just by playing songs. However, when the O2Jam player reaches level 10, he can no longer earn EXP through Single rooms. Players can get neither Gems nor EXP through Couple rooms.

Level computationEdit

Computation of total EXP required to reach level $ x $ in O2Jam is

$ \mbox{EXP} = \frac{17}{6} (2 x^3 + 3 x^2 + 307 x) $

See Level for a list.

EXP earned in a songEdit

Computation of EXP earned (shown below as ΔEXP) in O2Jam after playing a song is

$ \Delta \mbox{EXP} = \cfrac{25 (y + 3) (c + \cfrac{1}{2}g)}{n} $

where $ y $ is the song level, $ c $ is the number of Cools, $ g $ is the number of Goods, and $ n $ is the total number of notes in the song. The total number of notes in a song can be found in the list of songs in O2Jam or can be added up by the number of Cools, Goods, Bads and Misses (except when song is not cleared).


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