Etc represents miscellaneous songs in O2Jam that aren't assigned one of the other genres.

O2Jam miscellaneous songsEdit

 ArtistNotecharterIDLevel EXLevel NXLevel HXBPMDuration
(SEasy) Oh MyJang Yun-jeongRock.o2SE69911016112160 s
3.4.4DJ PotatoeDJ Potatoe28357890129 s
B.S.CATBeautifulDayImpact Line196289126127 s
Beautiful Day (Yeon Gyeong)Yeon GyeongEverfree.o2SE70631015111114 s
Blue CarSakai AsukaNoteFactory42331016124149 s
East Wind BreaksJay ChouNoteFactory42231121146146 s
End of FightAll.o2SEAll.o2SE54572038150174 s
Every Move I MakeCcmNoteFactory227236100134 s
Exam HellStudio DomaTY Brave920102030164108 s
FantazindyRYORYO600111628160153 s
Go! Go! Go!Impact LineNoteFactory40211212465 s
God Is My...CcmNoteFactory222151174142 s
Gong Xi JAMFalkNoteFactory3994925160129 s
Happy ChristmasKAZE.o2SENoteFactory36331213180196 s
ImaginationShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun58551322180130 s
Imagination (3K)Shin Hyun KeunCreent762348180130 s
KarngKarwGeenKuraiTICTNoteFactory4004811101131 s
KitchenLee So-eunEverfree.o2SE68421016142140 s
Later, LaterJang Yun-jeongShin Hyun Keun673581113594 s
Letter to You Pt.2MC MongEverfree.o2SE6782812100144 s
Little StarImpact LineImpact Line22911213079 s
Little zooImpact LineImpact Line254112141.574 s
Love DiaryBeautifulDayNoteFactory3481811103135 s
Memories of RudolphShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun6665914125176 s
Mercy is FallingCcmNoteFactory220279140116 s
O2PlayO2 Jam All StarsSRS(●)75661120138153 s
Oh MyJang Yun-jeongRock.o2SE45541016112160 s
Over The OceanYamajetKevin.o2SE44551322174132 s
PhayaNoiChomTalardTICTNoteFactory4014810101173 s
QuantumE.BE.B35151116170128 s
RecollectionShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun40361533150193 s
ReincarnationNao.paradigmNao.paradigm54251734172158 s
Revival OnWarakKAT964111829130149 s
RoseHoliCShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun61061726130175 s
Tadpole SongYoon Hyeon JinNoteFactory315151013079 s
TelevisionImpact LineImpact Line23613413588 s
Twilight LoungeS2TB RecordingShin Hyun Keun6614513146136 s
Wind on the HorizonKAZE.o2SENoteFactory31421418180122 s
[SEasy] Little StarImpact LineImpact Line38611113079 s
[SEasy] SunlightImpact LineGMS395111121.592 s

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