The e-Point (eP or EP)is the universal payable currency in games of e-Games.


e-Points can be used:

  • to buy items, potions, and weapons in Ran Online
  • to buy items and songs in Dance Battle Audition and O2Jam
  • in Supreme Destiny


An e-Point is roughly equal to USD 0.03. In the Philippines, it is roughly equal to PhP 1.00 to 1.10.

In O2JamEdit

Most songs can be bought for 20 EP. The price ranges from 10 to 50 EP. Song packs are offered with discount in some versions. Sets (item) can be bought for 50 to 75 EP. Other items can be bought at a lower price.

Buying e-PointsEdit


e-Points can be bought in:

  • Nationwide resellers
  • LoadCentral

See alsoEdit

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