Dance (from French danser, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.

Dance is also used to describe methods of non-verbal communication (see body language) between humans or animals (bee dance, patterns of behaviour such as a mating dance), motion in inanimate objects (the leaves danced in the wind), and certain musical forms or genres.

Definitions of what constitutes dance are dependent on social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic and moral constraints and range from functional movement (such as folk dance) to virtuoso techniques such as ballet. In sports, gymnastics, figure skating and synchronized swimming are dance disciplines while martial arts kata are often compared to dances.

Dance can be participatory, social or performed for an audience. It can also be ceremonial, competitive or erotic. Dance movements may be without significance in themselves, such as in ballet or European folk dance, or have a gestural vocabulary/symbolic system as in many Asian dances. Dance can embody or express ideas, emotions or tell a story.

Dancing and musicEdit

Many early forms of music and dance were created and performed together. This paired development has continued through the ages with dance/music forms such as: Jig, Waltz, Tango, Disco, Salsa, Electronica and Hip-Hop. Some musical genres also have a parallel dance form such as Baroque music and Baroque dance whereas others developed separately: Classical music and Classical ballet.

Although dance is often accompanied by music, it can also be presented independently or provide its own accompaniment (tap dance). Dance presented with music may or may not be performed in time to the music depending on the style of dance. Dance performed without music is said to be danced to its own rhythm.

O2Jam dance songsEdit

 ArtistNotecharterIDLevel EXLevel NXLevel HXBPMDuration
(SEasy) ParapapaPark Hyun BinEverfree.o2SE696111150144 s
(SEasy) Song of VacationBeautifulDayNoteFactory693111150136 s
AccidentBabyvox Re.VEverfree.o2SE7093914126.85130 s
AdagioRed PulseSide of the World46761222120138 s
AirplaneTurtlesSirius.o2SE65441323120152 s
Bach AliveBeautifulDayHwan10061011130103 s
Bach Alive-AnotherBeautifulDayNoteFactory1483715130107 s
Bad BoyMickeySirius.o2SE60861221140110 s
Bang! Bang! Bang!BeautifulDayImpact Line21751015146124 s
Beach Paradise (3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)823248129113 s
Best Love함소원Sirius.o2SE7172712134120 s
BingoTurtlesNoteFactory39641014135167 s
Bouncin!Helix EternalFalk65671728174120 s
Brahms (O2 Version)BeautifulDayNoteFactory1074613145105 s
Bride in DreamBeautifulDayImpact Line19721115116158 s
Bride in Dream (3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)4812
Bride in Dream (OA Ver.)BeautifulDayImpact Line83521115158 s
Bride in Dream (OA Ver.) (3M)BeautifulDayCreent4812108 s
By Chance브라운아이드걸스SRS(●)75341215130129 s
By Chance (RD Ver.)(3K)Brown Eyed GirlsNowcom76535713594 s
California DreamingBeautifulDayNoteFactory173361513697 s
Can You Feel !!BrandyMgame105368108102 s
Catch the LightYeon GyeongEverfree.o2SE70861320125136 s
CherryPopBeautifulDayNoteFactory15926712396 s
Christmas MemoriesBeautifulDayImpact Line
1742714170107 s
Christmas Memories (3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)818268170110 s
Christmas Memories(RN)BeautifulDaySRS(●)7453611170110 s
Cocktail Love (Madteam Remix)TurtlesSirius.o2SE67441218115156 s
CombinationAmuseworldNF-Special19515611581 s
Confession SongShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun4485102012096 s
Core ArirangBeautifulDayImpact Line31921013145142 s
Cranky SongToriMgame31331218174144 s
Crazy LoveBeautifulDayImpact Line189361010891 s
Curse of HeraBlueMMr.硅3004915150.3183 s
Cute SsongYeon GyeongSirius.o2SE70551326161 s
Cutting CirclesJihnsiusFalk62381524160105 s
Dancing on the FireDJ Schedule1SRS(●)864510912594 s
Dancing on the Fire (3M)DJ Schedule1SRS(●)865461112594 s
Don't Say Anything!Nao.paradigmNoteFactory1933913130112 s
Don't Tell MamaBeautifulDayNao.paradigm1503811131126 s
The Dream of One Summer NightSirius.o2SESirius.o2SE51931220102174 s
EcstasyBeautifulDayDiox117781014094 s
EgyptDJA yo! MUSIC
Studio Doma
SRS(●)88971117154127 s
EgyptDJ (3M)A yo! MUSIC
Studio Doma
SRS(●)8906912154127 s
Eleventh HourHiroHiro126571012296 s
SHD Eleventh HourHiroGMS3727103212296 s
EuphoriumDM AshuraFalk59271727158130 s
EyesBADANoteFactory4113812110170 s
Eyes(3M)BADACreent83141012110138 s
Feel The O2Jam!BeautifulDayImpact Line
22831218140137 s
Feel The O2Jam! (3M)BeautifulDaySRS(●)8104915140126 s
Feel so goodBlueMNoteFactory25211117145124 s
Feel so good(3M)BlueMGroovityARTs8835911145129 s
FeelingKim Jong KookNoteFactory35431216128163 s
The Festival of Ghost 2BrandyMgame26771621136154 s
FiestaBeautifulDayNoteFactory17241013133108 s
Flower SongG. LangeDiox3303811140181 s
Fly Magpie!BeautifulDayImpact Line178489130121 s
Future WorldBlueMBlueM2784913125120 s
Gee (O2 Ver.)(주)SNICreent79161017100123 s
Gee (O2 Ver.) (3K)Girls' GenerationSRS(●)781278100146 s
GenuineKoyoteShin Hyun Keun71371420137124 s
Get DrunkMoonGyuHyukNoteFactory108246118105 s
Ghost HouseSuper StationNoteFactory33231217160112 s
GoU;neeEverfree.o2SE71051422137.94144 s
Go HellRed PulseMgame33671320145144 s
Gondre MandrePark Hyun BinEverfree.o2SE67241421140116 s
Groove AlrightPennyDiox11835611195 s
HabaneraAkiraAkira6506812128129 s
Have ItLive EveNoteFactory37321116134154 s
Have a meal first, please자두Shin Hyun Keun71271218132125 s
Head Over HillsLive EveNoteFactory38121015127
Hi Iggy~BlueMNoteFactory26337109893 s
How MuchTurtlesNoteFactory37421115115152 s
I KnowSeo TaijiNoteFactory198101117110148 s
I Love DanceTeddy BearMgame24371014130131 s
I Love DokDoKAZE.o2SEShin Hyun Keun
4322911130166 s
I Need Your LoveRed PulseNoteFactory39731115140140 s
I Need Your Love(3K)Red PulseNoteFactory866481114097 s
I'm a Woman,tooJang NaraShin Hyun Keun68972227135149 s
In My FantasiaRed PulseSide of the World48861322144130 s
Joy To The Winter PartySirius.o2SESirius.o2SE7232717150118 s
Just 1 moreIL-RANoteFactory25318975137 s
Just DanceMusic &Mgame2026914136111 s
Just Like the DayPennySHIN☆75271015125120 s
Last FestivalSeo TaijiNoteFactory3692814110.1146 s
Last WinterNao.paradigmNoteFactory3803913110156 s
Latin CarnivalStudio Doma742102030136128 s
Let Me DanceRed PulseSide of the World429610119151 s
Let's get PartyDr.FlowershirtsHwan13371113140104 s
Lonely Song(RN)BeautifulDaySRS(●)7484814130116 s
Look OutAmuseworldNF-Special18015912580 s
Lovable TimesHiroHiro1345710122106 s
Love DriveSuper StationImpact Line2705918126139 s
Love Fighter !!BrandyMgame26571418125138 s
Mad Moon SonataNao.paradigmNao.paradigm33761323160135 s
Milk ChocolateBeautifulDayImpact Line22351118124174 s
Monster Express (3M)BeautifulDayCreent5913108 s
Move it on !!BrandyMgame164368127109 s
Move it on (DJ HD Mix)BrandyMgame258101624127136 s
My EverythingSeo TaijiNoteFactory38931213118144 s
My Fantasy徐太志/서태지NoteFactory1833811129.95129 s
Natal AngelBeautifulDayImpact Line2155912135156 s
O2 BluesBombsKevin.o2SE47851115125147 s
Ohm Busters!BeautifulDay
NoteFactory16645912391 s
One Two Three (123) (3K)(주)SNICreent772468162106 s
Open Your MindRed PulseSide of the World44751521144135 s
ParapapaPark Hyun BinEverfree.o2SE62551218150141 s
Party TonightRavenMgame168471113494 s
Perfect MatchJacob LinNoteFactory383691488122 s
Permanent Loops IIHiroHiro14081012142138 s
Pit-A-Pat ChristmasImpact LineNoteFactory37811216160139 s
Pit-A-Pat SummerNao.paradigmNao.paradigm49631419149162 s
Play Dis NightPennyDiox1414811132105 s
Please Be My Lover (Pe2ny Ver.)Studio Doma
Studio Doma7513613120126 s
Please Don't GoRed PulseNoteFactory41231118146133 s
Pretty Girl (O2 Ver.)KaraCreent61020128 s
Pretty Girl (O2 Ver.) (3K)KaraSRS(●)146132 s
Pride코요태Sirius.o2SE7163713138142 s
Rage of FireMaxS.B966101931155171 s
Right TerminalTurtlesSirius.o2SE67141218115156 s
Run for YouBombsNoteFactory4133915132170 s
SEISHUN KYOSOKYOKULowdounEverfree.o2SE62011225142122 s
Second HeavenJacob LinNoteFactory3182711166125 s
Smart ChoiceSo Chan WheeEverfree.o2SE68351522140118 s
Soda LoveShin Hyun KeunShin Hyun Keun640469145143 s
Soda Love (3K)Shin Hyun KeunCreent765359145142 s
Sonata (O2 Version)PennyHwan1125101313094 s
Song of PainBeautifulDayImpact Line20151024170142 s
Song of VacationBeautifulDayNoteFactory31631017150136 s
StayAmuseworldNF-Special169557125103 s
Still Remember You (3M)BeautifulDayCreent31014115 s
Stunt Flying (O3 Remix)Sanxion7Ino45161224142158 s
Summer Dream With YouSirius.o2SESirius.o2SE71851136133166 s
SunsetStudio Doma
Studio Doma7373714160 s
SurelyTurtlesShin Hyun Keun67041721130128 s
SurfAritoShin Hyun Keun45431318130144 s
Swell You're Head!!!PennyHwan13057913092 s
Take it백재성NoteFactory2313711145104 s
The Jam (3K)(주)SNISRS(●)779279162112 s
Twin SunCosmic AllyNoteFactory3313715138114 s
Until you come backImpact LineImpact Line22641013152116 s
Until you come back(5K)Impact LineSRS(●)75081018152118 s
Up N Down!Dr.FlowershirtsNoteFactory2088122114591 s
Venus-RChoi Ji YoungNoteFactory4334918138109 s
VooDooCanBlasterFalk63471319160111 s
White DayNao.paradigmNoteFactory41551424162151 s
Ya!TurtlesEverfree.o2SE65551115130116 s
YaYaYaBaby V.O.X.Mgame29461118112.05186 s
[SEasy] Christmas MemoriesBeautifulDayImpact Line
426223170107 s
[SEasy] Just 1 MoreIL-RANoteFactory38711175137 s
[SHD] Brahms (O2 Version)BeautifulDayParagon3714624145105 s
[SHD] Permanent Loops IIHiroParagon36681025142138 s
꿈속의 신부 (RM)서의범NoteFactory8332613120183 s
꿈속의 신부 (RM)(3M)서의범NoteFactory8331610120190 s
미쳤어 (O2 Ver.)Son Dam BiStudio Doma75941320124150 s
미쳤어 (O2 Ver.)(3K)Son Dam BiNoteFactory757357124102 s
테일즈런너(Run,Run,Run) (3D)석연주SRS(●)4812146 s
테일즈런너(Run,Run,Run) (7D)석연주SRS(●)51215146 s
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