Csikos Post
406 Csikos Post
Artist Hermann Necke +
Notecharter SRS(●) +
ID 406
Alternate name Flag of South Korea 크시코스의 우편마차
Flag of the People's Republic of China 邮递马车
Genre Classical
Level 5 / 10 / 15
Note count 327 / 686 / 1233
List icon
150.00 +
List icon
1:32 +
Visual Binny +
Variants Csikos Post
Csikos Post (3K)
405 Mouse Loves Rice
406 Csikos Post
407 Tell Me Again
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Csikos Post
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Csikos Post is a song in O2Jam based on the galop Csikós Post by Hermann Necke.

Aside from the O2Jam song, the song has been either released or remixed in Nintendo games including Yoshi's Cookie for Super Nintendo (as Action Music B), Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix (as Fishing Frenzy), and Daigasso! Band-Brothers (as Athletic Medley), in pop'n music FEVER (Bemani), and in Pump It Up as Sonic Speed Bath by Sexy Parodius and as another by Banya.


  • This song is the only song that doesn't have middle (orange) notes for the entire hard difficulty.
  • "Csikós Post" is Hungarian for "mail coach".

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