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Classical music is a broad term that usually refers to mainstream music produced in, or rooted in the traditions of Western liturgical and secular music, encompassing a broad period from roughly the 9th century to present times.

O2Jam classical songsEdit

 ArtistNotecharterIDLevel EXLevel NXLevel HXBPMDuration
(SEasy) Chopsticks MarchEverfree.o2SEEverfree.o2SE69511191136 s
(SEasy) Plaisir d'amourSirius.o2SESirius.o2SE69719512496 s
AmadeusImpact LineImpact Line25141116160161 s
Amadeus-SalvationImpact LineSRS(●)827222632160163 s
Amadeus-Salvation (3M)ImpactLineSRS(●)83681216160163 s
Bach Alive-DMix (3K)BeautifulDaySRS(●)7885813130105 s
Bach invension 1Impact LineImpact Line273561018064 s
Bach invension 12Impact LineImpact Line274791814076 s
Beethoven's FireSRS(●)7431516134 s
Beethoven's Fire (3M)Creent8254711150135 s
[SHD]Beethoven's FireELSirius.o2SE
Studio Doma
728152234150134 s
Black SwanZeronRAZiETA965152133175163 s
Brahms (O2 Remix)+BeautifulDayNF-Special1534813145109 s
Canon (O3 Remix) (3K)NowcomCreent820269150111 s
Canon (Orgel Version)Everfree.o2SEEverfree.o2SE70115880124 s
Canon(O3 Remix)NowcomCreent91825116 s
Cat SymphonyStudio DomaSirius.o2SE
Studio Doma
73141017144139 s
Chopsticks MarchEverfree.o2SEEverfree.o2SE606491491136 s
ChorusStudio Doma
Studio Doma
729102030162145 s
ConcertStudio DomaGroovityARTs908112233189140 s
Csikos PostHermann NeckeSRS(●)4065101515092 s
Csikos Post (3K)Hermann NeckeSRS(●)777581115096 s
Duel (O2 Version)Dr.FlowershirtsNoteFactory1132913150121 s
Electro FantasyBeautifulDayNoteFactory1112813140132 s
Electro Fantasy-HDBeautifulDayNF-Special185252931140140 s
For EliseImpact LineImpact Line2873813115143 s
Gaussian BlurKilArch0wl439213350200102 s
Gossec-GavotteBufonBufon62251012160117 s
Grande valse brillanteImpact LineImpact Line2563810147125 s
HumoresqueImpact LineImpact Line2474710130143 s
Hungarian Dance No.7Sirius.o2SESirius.o2SE64438149288 s
Kan KanBeautifulDayNoteFactory19141113170120 s
Kan Kan (3K)BeautifulDaySRS(●)775281017086 s
Kan Kan (Riverdance HD)BeautifulDayIno509162233170118 s
Mad Moon Sonata (3M)Nao.paradigmCreent51015135 s
Mail RiderStudio DomaEverfree.o2SE
Studio Doma
730112233200116 s
Mail Rider (3M)Studio DomaCreent101316115 s
Mendelssohn - Wedding March웅진Shin Hyun Keun60434812096 s
New World BlackDr.JRAZiETA961122230150158 s
Ode To JoySirius.o2SESirius.o2SE70212416075 s
Opera of the CityCho Yong PilNoteFactory3011814111.55124 s
OvertureEverfree.o2SEEverfree.o2SE605616287693 s
Piano Sonata in C, K.545Rock.o2SERock.o2SE64551115148123 s
Plaisir d'amourSirius.o2SESirius.o2SE61535912496 s
R3Kevin.o2SEKevin.o2SE52131431150157 s
Rachmaninov-rachRock.o2SERock.o2SE61751015114162 s
Radetzky MarchHansol MusicRock.o2SE5354813115106 s
Red SignKevin.o2SEKevin.o2SE39421534150185 s
Retro Fantasy (3M)Creent4711157 s
Romantic HorseStudio DomaStudio Doma73391830190123 s
... further results

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