The server and channel selection screen is the first screen in the actual game of O2Jam (OTwo.exe), seen after the introductory splash displays.

Servers and the channels and notice tabEdit

Server Select

The channel selection screen in O2Jam X2.

The channel selection screen basically allows you to pick a Music Hall or server in O2Planet to play on, and in which channel of that server you wish to play on. The interface to the right has two tabs, the channels tab and the notice tab. The notice tab is automatically selected upon display of this screen, while it automatically switches to the channel tab when a server is selected. If you do not select a server and you click the channel tab, channels from your current channel will display, but if you have just started the game, channels from Euta will be loaded. There are 20 channels in each server.

In O2Jam China, the Music Halls have been replaced by planets.

Exiting the gameEdit

The game may be exited by pressing the Exit button or by using the combination Alt + F4. A final prompt will ask you whether you really want to exit the game. Alt + F4 can be invoked virtually anywhere in the game.

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