Canon (O2 Version)+
110 CanoN (O2 Version)+
Artist Dr.Flowershirts +
Notecharter NF-Special +
ID 110
Alternate name Flag of the People's Republic of China 卡农
CanoN (O2 Version)+
Genre Techno
Level 3 / 8 / 13
Note count 345 / 586 / 1009
List icon
162.00 +
List icon
1:51 +
Variants Canon (Orgel Version)
Canon (O2 Version)+
Canon (O3 Remix) (3K)
Canon(O3 Remix)
109 Midnight Express
110 Canon (O2 Version)+
111 Electro Fantasy
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Canon (O2 Version)+ is a song in O2Jam.

It is based on Pachelbel's Canon (Canon in D major) by Johann Pachelbel. Other songs based on Pachelbel's Canon include Canon (Orgel Version) and You was born to be loved....

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