By Chance
By Chance
Artist 브라운아이드걸스
Notecharter SRS(●) +
ID 753
Alternate name Flag of South Korea By Chance ('어쩌다' O2 Ver.)
Genre Dance
Level 4 / 12 / 15
Note count 416 / 948 / 1097
List icon
130 +
List icon
2:09 +
Visual Cap.Claudiss +
Variants By Chance
By Chance (O2 Ver.)(3K)
By Chance (RD Ver.)(3K)
752 Just Like the Day
753 By Chance
754 Death Moon 2 (Clean Version)
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By Chance is a licensed song in O2Jam.Originally performed by Brown Eyed Girls.

It's a unique remixed version with vocals removed.

어쩌다 means "What should I do" due to its lyrics.By Chance is one of translations from it.