Formerly known as O2Angel. Started around October of 2008, hosted by FateAngel.

After some copyrights and domain name issue, they changed their name to AngelJam.

Current client is mostly in English Language. It has some extra features such as some custom added items and Game Launcher with OJN repair function. At some point the server is having DNS Problems, and Lag Problems including the Site and Ingame Services.

AngelJam is closed now and the former team has yet to announce any plan of coming back to the scene.

Current & Ex AngelJam StaffEdit

  • FateAngel: Admin & Host of AngelJam
  • FakeAngel: Web UI developer of AngelJam
  • Mikael Raphael: Head Developer/Head GFX/Head Notecharter of AngelJam
  • Backkom: GFX Artist of AngelJam
  • fizy.Fz: GFX Artist/ Junior Developer of AngelJam
  • PROGUY: New Head Notecharter of AngelJam
  • Glenn Joseph: Notecharter of AngelJam
  • Euphoria: Head Game Master & Moderator of AngelJam
  • Zyro: Game Master of AngelJam
  • Initiacis: Game Master of AngelJam
  • Keweft: Former Designer of AngelJam
  • Phantasie: Event Moderator & Forum Moderator of AngelJam
  • O2Blitzer: Event Moderator & Forum Moderator of AngelJam
  • Xweienx: Event Moderator & Forum Moderator of AngelJam
  • rohen04: Forum Moderator & Downloads Manager of AngelJam
  • Jkiie`: Event Moderator & Forum Moderator of AngelJam


Main Website: Down

Facebook Group:!/group.php?gid=244885555709&ref=ts

Forum: Down

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