미쳤어 (O2 Ver.)
Artist Son Dam Bi +
Notecharter Studio Doma +
ID 759
Alternate name Flag of the People's Republic of China 疯了
Genre Dance
Level 4 / 13 / 20
Note count 400 / 911 / 1392
List icon
124 +
List icon
2:30 +
Visual Cap.Claudiss +
Country KR +
List icon
Release date
February 2, 2009 +
Variants 미쳤어 (O2 Ver.)
미쳤어 (O2 Ver.)(3K)
758 Vivaldi in Hiphop (3K)
759 미쳤어 (O2 Ver.)
760 Destination (3K)
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edit info

미쳤어 (O2 Ver.) ("Crazy") is a single by Son Dam Bi. It is also a song in O2Jam.

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