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%qw 3M
Artist Pory +
Notecharter TY Brave +
ID 935
Genre Techno
Level 18 / 12 / 6
Note count 1244 / 892 / 431
List icon
140 +
List icon
2:13 +
Country KR +
Variants %qw
934 %qw
935 %qw(3M)
940 Rusty Sky
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edit info

%qw[3M] is the 3M version of %qw.

In the original version %qw, it says that the note charter is creent while in the 3M version of this says that it is creent and in the visual says it is TY Brave. This is because the note charter didn't edit the .ojn and .ojm files that resulted to this kind of situation.